Trim Castle In Ireland~Filming Location For Braveheart


                                           Scene From The Filming Site Of Braveheart

Braveheart, the winner of five oscars, was filmed jointly in Ireland and Scotland. Showed in 1996, it took the Best Picture Award and the Cinematography Award.  Often it is assumed that all of the movie was shot in Scotland, but most of the battle scenes were shot on the other side of the water in Ireland and in the famous Trim Castle of Meath County, Ireland. The Scottish scenes were filmed in the Mamore Mountains, as well as in the area of Glen Coe and Glen Nevis.

Trim Castle is a partially restored Norman castle on the southside of the Boyne River near the Village of Trim. It is about 40 minutes outside the city of Dublin. The original purpose of Trim Castle was for an administration location for the Lordship of Meath. This was one of several administration sites created by King Henry II. There are ongoing guided tours throughout most days that will safely guide you around any construction. The tour guides are very knowledgeable about castile life and the culture of the day. If you enjoy the ancient history of Ireland and it’s castle, you will enjoy the presentations that almost bring the Trim Castle to life.

The Dunsany family were the last private owners of Trim castle. Lord Dunsany sold the Castle and surrounding area to the Irish State.  They only retained their access to the Boyne River and the fishing rights that went with it. Since its sale, the Irish State has began a major restoration project that will be done in several parts. It has also been the site of several archaeological digs.

If you enjoy the Norman Castles, you will be sure to treasure this very unique castle with it’s great tower. This is a very rare Norman Castle, with it’s donjon or great tower. This is the largest castle of it’s kind in Ireland.

The Village of Trim has modern motels and restaurants with outstanding Irish food. There are several Irish Pubs in the village also. Whatever you may need, you should be able to find it in Trim. There is a major quality hotel that was opened in 2006 onsite. You will also find several other nearby Castles, just waiting to be discovered. Any time is the perfect time for an Irish Adventure, and Trim is the perfect place to start.

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