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Trisikads In The Philippines

Trisikads In The Philippines
The Trisikad is a versatile Philippine Motorbike Taxi.

Trisikads In The Philippines

Trisikads, what are they and where did they come from? The word Trisikads is a word from Cebu, which includes many types of cycle rickshaws.  In past times these have been mainly bicycle pedaled. Now fast forward to current time and a small change is taking place. The old Trisikads are still on the road in growing numbers but move over and welcome these small motorbike taxis. They are colorful! They are fun! They are economical to use! They have become part of the answer,  as this island nation is recovering from Typhoon Haiyan or Typhoon Yolanda

Trisikads are a major source of transportation in the Philippines. These small and versatile motorbike taxis are known by many names with-in the country. Some refer to them as Tadyak, pedicab, motors, and still others, potpot. They are cousins to the Rickshaw and the pedicab who are generally human powered. Out of the deep poverty has come a solution that is embraced by both tourists and locals alike. What a fun solution!

It is said that these humble Trisikads were first built in Tondo, Metro Manila or somewhere in the Northern part of the Philippines. It was a local answer to the deep poverty. Many a humble unemployed worker has become a business owner overnight due to these small bicycle and motor taxis. Many others are finding work in the shops that service them. Regardless of where they came from, they are obviously here for the long run. What fun they are to watch, as they maneuver traffic, as only they can. They rarely are bothered by traffic! Traffic jam….what is that? They stop on a dime! They are fun and adventurous. Welcome to the world of the Trisikads!

The original Trisikads were nothing more than a modification of the everyday bicycle. What ingenuity! Out of a bicycle for one, came a taxi to carry three more. Just add another wheel, and a bench for three and a small roof to protect from the rain and sun. The Trisikads are now ready to make money. These common Trisikads are on the road, rain or shine. What an awesome tribute to the ingenuity of the Filipinos. And now they are at it again.

Move over little cousin and let the big boys by! Welcome your cousin the motors, also called Trisikads. Same small carts with a roof, but instead of a peddled bicycle, they used a motor bike. Again we can marvel about the planning and ingenuity of these local business owners. Out of the Philippines once again, has come an answer to a need. These people from the cradle up are taught to use every part of the blessings they have. Just look at all the different products that are made from the coconut. So it is not surprising that they took care of their transportation needs in such an economical way.

The land of the Trisikads has just widened and added a cousin. It is delightful and allows them to go even farther than they could with human power. It also opened doors to some who were unable to pedal all day, but have no trouble using the motor bike. It gave people transportation that had no way to go to work after Typhoon Haiyan. It provided transportation to tourists, as they returned. It opened small repair shops to work on these little taxis, which gave even more people jobs.

So when you are in the Philippines, be sure to use  Trisikads and allow a local, to show off his island. They will save you money, help a struggling economy, feed a family, and be an adventure to tell your children about. Welcome to The Philippines, the land of the Trisikads

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