A Tuscan Castle And Winery In Napa Valley California USA

 Castello di Amorosa A 13th Century Inspired Tuscan Castle

As the green rolling hills of the Napa Valley give way to vineyard after vineyard, what a pleasant surprise the Castello di Amorosa is.  Just when you thought all the castles were in Europe, particularly Ireland and Italy, you are in for a surprise of a lifetime. The Castello di Amorosa is a touch of 13th century Italy in the famous Napa Valley.

Castello di Amorosa is legendary and the only one of it’s kind in The United States. It is nestled in the hills of the valley on 171 acres just minutes from Calistoga. This authentic castle is complete with 107 rooms, including a torture chamber with an authentic 300 year old iron maiden, a rack, and prison chambers. Safety is not a worry here either, as it is complete with mote, drawbridge, and defensive towers.  And to meet your spiritual needs is a chapel/church and for your entertainment is a knights chambers and a great hall that is 77 feet long and 30 feet wide. It is complete with a 22 foot table and chairs.

The great room is also an art gallery of famous Italian paintings by renowned artists.  The fireplace is massive and over 500 years old. The artistic appeal of the different rooms is magnificent. If you enjoy European castles, and you live in America,  this is one in your own backyard.  The lower levels are complete with wine tasting areas, a winery, and wine storage.

The Castello di Amorosa is authentically Italian,  with over 150 acres of vineyards, and a drawbridge that lowers when they are open for businesses. Why not take the plunge and visit a castle that is here in America, but uniquely Italian?




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