TWG Tea: Creativity At Its finest.

TWG Tea: Creativity at its finest.
The World Of TWG Tea

          TWG Tea—A World Of Excellence

Welcome to the world of tea. TWG teas are some of the finest teas worldwide. They are made from the finest and freshest tea leaves that are grown without pesticides.  This is extremely important when you consume large amounts of tea each day.  TWG teas are also 100% natural and chemical free. They make the different flavors by using real fruits and flowers. Chemical  essences are never used. TWG also infuses the tea correctly and in the traditional way. The tea is actually allowed to absorb the flavors of the flowers and spices naturally after the fermentation process has finished.

TWG teas were established in Singapore in 2008. Every year it celebrates the day, in 1837, when the Island of Singapore became a valuable trading post for teas and spices. TWG has unique and exciting tea shops, exquisitely designed tea rooms, and world-wide distribution.

Creativity in the tea world is always a welcome sight. TWG has the largest collection of tea varieties in the world. They have well over 800 different blends of teas. The tea comes directly form the source garden and is some of the freshest I have ever tasted. If you are a tea drinker, you must taste TWG teas.

The modern tea drinker has evolving taste buds. TWG has worked hard to keep up with the demands of the many consumers worldwide. They also have many limited edition teas and seasonal blends. Having a pot of TWG tea is an adventure without leaving the home.

TWG tea can be a challenge to find in the USA. One way is to order direct from the company. If you order the loose leaf variety, it is a good value. The gift sets can really be on the high side, unless that is something you are looking for. The loose leaf runs around $7.50-$12.00 for 50 grams. This is comparable with other good tea brands in the USA. When ordering from the TWG company, there is a $100.00 minimum order and the cost of shipping.

I have on occasion seen it in fine tea shops around the country. Here is a link showing where some of the main locations of Dean and Deluca. I always go there when in Charlotte, N.C or California.

If you are in Canada, you can order from this site:

The best option, of course,  is to grab your passport, pack your bag, and come on over to Asia. Bring an extra bag and fill it up while there. Be sure to go to the local tea shops and taste the many different varieties. Then you can sit back , fill the old tea pot, and enjoy a pot of TWG tea, after you return from your Asian adventure.

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