Typhoon Hagupit Savagely Attacks Philippines

Typhoon  Hagupit Attacking Philippines
Tacloban Philippines in Survival Mode

Typhoon Hagupit Hitting Philippines Now

Typhoon Hagupit has come ashore in the town of Dolores in the Eastern Philippines. Typhoon Hagupit is on course for the city of Tacloban, where thousands were killed by Typhoon Haiyan one year ago. Over 600,000 of the most vulnerable were evacuated to the center of the country yesterday in preparation. There are thousands that still call makeshift tents home in the greater Tacloban area! Rebuilding from last years Typhoon Haiyan has been slow and is extremely costly. Thousands are still homeless!

Many of the residents of Dolores and Tocloban took shelter in advance of Typhoon Hagupit making landfall. Thousands flocked to sturdier buildings such as churches, schools, and government offices. Currently, it is Saturday night and there is no electricity.The storm has knocked out all electricity in this region of the country. According to local police, trees are crashing to the ground, leaving many roads un-passable. The heavy typhoon rains are beating the area and high hurricane winds of 120 + mph are savage. Like most typhoons, Typhoon Hagupit is savage and has no mercy.

Sea travel services have been suspended. Cebu Pacific Airlines has cancelled more than 150 flights to the central and southern parts of The Philippines Islands. Thousands of passengers were left stranded. Communications in the area has been compromised, though there is some cell service.

Officials say there has been major damage in Dolores due to Typhoon Hagupit making landfall there. Officials are unable to access damage  from Typhoon Hagupit until daybreak.  All power is out in the area. One report coming from the region stated that a 14 foot storm surge has ravaged the coast. At this time, this has not been confirmed. There has not been any reports of loss of life due to Typhoon Hagupit. This also will not be known, however, till daylight. The area is under a blanket of darkness at this time. Please check our websites, as we will be posting pictures and updates throughout the next couple of days. This is a brutal storm that is slowly inching it’s way across the island to Manila.




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