Using Twitter tools to build a lead magnet

Using Twitter tools to build a lead magnet – Recently please have been asking me to do a brief write up on how we build twitter and the tools we use.

First then first is to understand that twitter users don’t mind clicking on things that interest them. So you must develop a system for attracting people who are interested in what you have too say.

  1. Go into twitter lists and find people who are already categorized into a list of people more likely to want to see what you are saying. You should follow a few hundred people right away and wait a few days.
  2. Using the APP and desktop service Crowdfire unfollow people who don’t follow you back within a timeframe of your choosing. Then go back to twitter lists and repeat the adding of new people.
  3. Now you must have content for all of these new people and you should not just have your own. So use the free services of and set certain hashtags and accounts for auto retweet. This will populate your account fast with interesting material for your followers to look at.
  4. Create you lead magnet is for setting up tweets for auto tweet at intervals of your choosing. This can be used for multiple opportunities.
  5. Once someone has signed up to view one of your leads you should now have a contact email that you can use to contact them. This person has already showed interest and is more likely to be receptive to what you have to offer.

Please keep in mind that twitter has some limits and you must add and remove non followers often until you have over 2000 followers and then you can increase the amount of people followed slowly over time.


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