Welcome to life in Taiwan

Full Family Adventure Dive Cebu, Philippines


Just for starters I thought I would start about my life here with my family. I, my wife and our two boys have been living here over a two years now. The people, food, and the many areas to explore are so wonderful. I welcome questions and I will try to answer some in new blogs from time to time.


Just a quick note on business; I am a manager here in Hsin-Chu for a very large project, and work with a great team. My management style is very open and I elect to self-empower my employees to achieve greatness, and not to micromanage them.


As time goes on we will give out details, on great vacation locations here in Taiwan and abroad. If you are willing feel free to join me in this writing experience and world travel exploration.

We are looking from others who would also like to share their travel stories for other the read, and share.


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  1. thank you for useful ideas and basically fantastic info

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  3. We would love to visit Taiwan sometime. The water looks great!

    1. It really is a great place with aboriginal and Chinese cultures. Activities from unusual day. Night markets too snorkel, scuba, surfing and high mountain peaks to explore. Something for everyone. We will add more Taiwan information with some ways to help cut costs.

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