Whitewater Rafting At Disney California Adventure Park

                                                Grizzly Peak Rafting Adventure

Grizzly River Run, an amazing whitewater raft adventure, is a splashing good time in the California sun. This Disney California adventure is a wet and wild good time for those who love the adrenaline rush of a wild thrill seekers ride. It is the perfect activity for the family. Come get splashed as you maneuver through the wild white water of Grizzly River Run.

What makes the Disney California rafting experience different from other theme parks? Many theme parks have wide concrete ditches to go over and plunge down, but not so in Disney California’s white water experience.  Here, in the land of sunshine, you will wind in and around the famous Grizzly Peak. This is one of the icons of the Disney experience. Enjoy one of the parks many icons, as you come eye to eye with the Great Rock Bear. Arriving at the summit will bring you smack dab in line with the Great Rock Bear. Are you shaking in your boots yet?

Your raft will climb 50 feet up Grizzly Mountain, only to make two plunges down the mountain side. Your raft will twirl and spin as you make these amazing wild water drops. Hang onto your stomach as your raft plunges into total darkness. Then, just as you think it can’t get any wilder, you loop over the river and continue the drop. Are you ready for a looping good time?

Climb aboard these unique 8 person rafts and drift down a lazy river. Climb a mountain, and then splash and spin your way down, as your raft tumbles down Grizzly River rapids. Buckle up and investigate Grizzly Mountain from the river. If your ready for a white water adventure, then it is time to explore Disney’s California Grizzly Mountain. Gather the family and head on south to the World of Disney. It’s a bundle of excitement waiting to happen.


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