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Edible Wild Mushrooms Found In The Philippines

Wild Mushrooms found on the small island Homonhon in the Philippines : Edible Wild Mushrooms Found In The Philippines
Wild Mushrooms found on the small island Homonhon in the Philippines. Edible Wild Mushrooms Found In The Philippines

Edible Wild Mushrooms Found In The Tropics

Edible Wild Mushrooms Found In The Philippines: Wild mushrooms are really everywhere in the Philippines and many other places of the world. The Philippines is highly blessed with several varieties of edible mushrooms. When searching for them, do take time to do your homework before you pick them. There are non-edible mushrooms and they can be poisonous. Never assume, do your research before you hit the trail. Even when you pick, if you are new to mushroom picking, show your bounty to an experienced picker for identification. If you pick safely, there are many mushrooms out there that are edible and extremely good for you.

Mushroom hunting...Finding wild edible mushrooms in the Philippines (Kabuting Saging, Mamarang,etc.)
edible wild mushrooms found

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Tips kung papaano makakita ng mga nakakain na kabute sa kagubatan/kabundukan.

Wild mushrooms are edible fungi and there are many species throughout the world. Worldwide, it is estimated that there are over 140,000 different species of wild mushrooms. The scientific world is only familiar with maybe 10% of these. Currently, Western Scientists are studying about 100 of these wild mushrooms. Wild mushrooms have many potential health benefits and they are hoping to capture that information for the medical community. In the East, medicine has recognized the benefits of wild mushrooms for centuries.

Eastern practitioners believe that mushrooms in general can lower cholesterol in the body. They use wild mushrooms to ward off and fight breast cancer and prostate cancer, two major medical challenges of our time.  Wild mushrooms also seem to help in the control of diabetes. Patients with anemia have had excellent results in using wild mushrooms in their diet. Wild mushrooms are an excellent source of iron and over 90% of this iron the body absorbs. Iron is essential in the formation of red blood cells. This keeps people healthy and able to have a full life.

Mushroom Season Finding Wild Edible Mushroom in the Philippines
Edible Wild Mushrooms Found In The Philippines

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It’s the season of mushrooms, come and join me to find some edible wild mushrooms in the forest. Mushrooms are the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of a fungus, typically produced above ground on soil or on its food source. Mushrooms are one of the favorite dishes here in our province. Some of them are culturing mushrooms and selling it on the market. There are different types of mushrooms that grow here but the famous and most delicious of all are these wild mushrooms or “ligbos” in my dialect.

Here in our town, we call it “Ligbos”. These mushrooms are seasonal and sprout once a year. We often hunt this toadstool once their season came. You will find them in groups under a tree or in the forest or beside a river. It tastes so good, especially in soup. Finding mushrooms are so hard and difficult but enjoy it. In my case, it’s not so difficult because my house is in the forest.

Next time you travel to the Philippines, take time to discover the many different mushrooms and learn how to use them. Mushroom picking is an adventure! Learning about the different wild fungi and herbs unlocks the secrets to good health. Take time to unlock the many secrets of the wild mushroom. Make this the year, you discover the Philippines.

FORAGING EDIBLE WILD MUSHROOMS | Damayen ed Bila | Mountain Province, Philippines
damayan’ in Bila, Bauko, Mountain Province

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Locally called ‘damayan’ in Bila, Bauko, Mountain Province, wild mushrooms which are edible are easily found in certain areas of the forest, and experienced individuals know where to forage. This features the ones found in ‘Nalbo’, one of the famous go-to for mushroom foragers in Brgy. Bila.

Watching these videos will give you a great idea of what wild mushrooms to pick in the Philippines, Edible Wild Mushrooms Found In The Philippines.

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