Discovering The Mystery And Beauty Of Taiwan

Discovering The Mystery And Beauty Of TaiwanDiscovering The Mystery And Beauty Of Taiwan

 Entering Into The Mystery And Beauty Of Taiwan

Are you ready to discover an island filled with surprises, natural mysteries, and unique experiences? If you are, then come along as we discover, the many sounds and colors of Taiwan.

 The scenic and tranquil area of Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung Taiwan   

Lotus Lake, a man made lake, is on the east side of Zuoying District in the city of Kaohsiung. The lake is a favorite with visitors who enjoy all the many unique temples, and pagodas. If that was not enough,  the lake is full of Lotus blooms.  The aroma of lotus blooms is everywhere.

 Chi Ming Palace 郗醚嗯宮 

Chi Ming Palace 郗醚嗯宮 is bursting with spectacular colors on Lotus Lake in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.  The use of color is spectacular and unique, setting the pace for the many mysterious ways that color is used around the lake.

 Dragon over Wuli Pavilion at Lotus Pond  

The Wuli Pavilion is a symbol of good luck and prosperity. This ornate pavilion is just one of many unique pavilions and temples on the lake.

 Up Close View Of The Fine Details Of The Wuli Pavilion

The fine details, the amazing use of color, and the peacefulness of the lake, make this the perfect place for those who just need to relax and enjoy the world around them.

 Taiwan’s Formosan Rock Macaque is the only monkey native to Taiwan

No island adventure is complete without an encounter with this pesky monkey. Keep a watchful eye on your camera and your lunch!

Store Shelves Filled With Taiwanese Comfort Foods And Bricks Of Sweet Tea

Ancient Wax Gourd,  Winter Melon tea bricks, and local rice and beans are perfect comfort foods in Taiwan.   If you enjoy tea, be sure to try the Winter Melon Tea. These tea bricks also make awesome gifts for those who love a quality tea back home.

 Stir Fried Eggplant 

The perfect end to any adventure on Lotus Lake is a quality dinner at one of the many local restaurants. The above photo shows the quality of Taiwan’s local specialties.

If you are ready for a spectacular adventure, then it is time to book your next Taiwan exploration. Lotus Lake is a perfect place for those who love the mysteries and beauty of Taiwan.

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