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Exploring New Brunswick Canada Travel From Lubec Maine

Good morning, fellow explorers! Today, we embark on a remarkable adventure as we journey from Lubec, Maine, to the captivating Welshpool in New Brunswick, Canada. This blog will serve as your window to this picturesque expedition, highlighting the gems hidden along the way. So, let’s set sail and uncover the treasures of this region.

The Beauty of Welshpool

Our adventure began in Welshpool, where the picturesque docks greeted us. On the left, we had the shores of New Brunswick, while just across the water, Eastport and Lubec, Maine, beckon. These tranquil waters were a haven for fishermen, and the well-designed water breaker provided protection from the elements, making it a haven for locals and visitors alike. We circled this idyllic island, with the possibility of venturing over to Deer Island. The scenery promised to be nothing short of breathtaking, so stay tuned for more. 

Lubec, Maine, from a Canadian Perspective 

After that, we are on the Canadian side of New Brunswick. We saw boats out in the water that were used for lobster and crab traps, a testament to the region’s rich seafood culture. A significant bridge connected the United States and the Canadian side. We encountered an international bridge, a vital link between the two countries. The area is known for its friendly atmosphere and lush greenery, making it an inviting destination for all.

Exploring Lubec 

Lubec, with its quaint streets and warm ambiance, is a town worth exploring. We took a leisurely stroll and discovered the rich history that surrounded us. Then we pause by the lighthouse and read about its storied past. This village acts as an important center for residents of New Brunswick Lighthouses who come here for supplies, resulting in a unique cross-border connection.

Deer Island 

Our journey began as we set foot on Deer Island, a place that lives up to its name. Even through the slightly dirty windshield, you can spot deer leisurely roaming the island. These gentle creatures are a testament to the island’s rich wildlife. It was heartwarming to witness them in their natural habitat.

A beautiful river view
Exploring New Brunswick Canada Travel From Lubec Maine 3

Ferry Travel

As we bid farewell to Deer Island, our ferry gracefully sailed towards Saint George. Also, our voyage along the U.S.-Canadian border was an extraordinary experience. This region is characterized by a network of islands, rivers, and bridges, making ferry travel a common mode of transportation. The scenic beauty that surrounded us was a constant reminder of the wonders of nature. 

Throughout our journey, we’ve been capturing moments to share with you. You can expect to see a series of videos from this adventure, which we’ll be posting on our Steemit account. It’s our way of bringing you along on this journey and sharing the beauty of these islands.

Exploring Deer Island 

Our ferry maneuvered through the waters, giving us a chance to explore Deer Island’s hidden treasures. The choice to switch to a Ford F-150 provided us with the convenience to navigate this island’s unique terrain. We were committed to showing you that taking the road less traveled can lead to exciting discoveries. Our primary goal was to explore Deer Island and then head over to the other side, where another ferry station awaited. From there, we planned to take the main ferry to New Brunswick, Canada. 

A Sanctuary for Wildlife 

The region is a sanctuary for various forms of wildlife, including the iconic bald eagles and awe-inspiring whales. The anticipation of witnessing these magnificent creatures kept our spirits high.

Abundant Marine Life 

The waters around Deer Island were teeming with marine life. Here, you could encounter an abundance of sea creatures, from fresh and saltwater clams to the famous lobsters and crabs. The seafood industry in this region plays a significant role in the local economy, providing a taste of the ocean’s bounty.

image of house in the river side
Exploring New Brunswick Canada Travel From Lubec Maine 4

Exploring Island Names

Our adventure took us to an island with an intriguing name: Calm Island. While we might not be entirely sure about the island’s name’s origins, we will provide the correct information on our blog and website. This island epitomized the sense of serenity that permeates the area.

As we share this journey with you, we look forward to future adventures with fellow travelers, including Steemit bloggers and followers of our website and YouTube channel. Our upcoming excursion to Steam Fest in Portugal is a testament to our commitment to exploring new horizons and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Our adventurous spirit keeps us young at heart. We’re driven by a passion for exploring places that often go unnoticed by mainstream travelers. While we do cover popular tourist destinations, our true joy lies in uncovering the hidden gems of North America and beyond.

Travel isn’t just a hobby; it’s our way of life. Our careers are centered around the exploration of new places and sharing our experiences with you. We firmly believe in making travel accessible to everyone and providing valuable information without charge.

A Final Word

In a world where concerns about terrorism and crime can deter people from exploring new places, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Language barriers can be overcome with a dictionary in hand, and common sense will guide you safely. As we continue our journey, we invite you to embrace the wonders of travel, meet new people, and savor the beauty of the world. Remember, there’s a world of adventure out there waiting for you to explore.