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Mysterious Taiwanese Jungle

Mysterious Jungle

Mysterious Taiwanese Jungle

Mysterious Taiwanese Jungle, a unique land, that is found deep in the Aboriginal Mountains. Sprinkled throughout the mountains are small Aboriginal Villages, waiting to share the many secrets of the Taiwanese jungle. Secrets of good health and nutrition flourish in the mysterious Taiwanese Jungle. Here you find herbal  cures for many of the diseases the world over.  Eating your greens takes on a new meaning,  as the Taiwanese jungle has over 850 varieties of edible ferns alone. These ferns make excellent greens for many native dishes and salads. The mysterious Taiwanese Jungle comes alive on the dinner plate. What can we learn?

The Wilds Of The Mountains

It is a narrow strip between the mountains and the sea. Here we find the jungles with villages sprinkled throughout. This has become the haven of of the Eco Tourist. Would you fly half way around the world for peace? Here you will find charming villages and leisure farms. All willing to immerse your being in their world. Relax, shut off the phone and just be. You will find truly authentic indigenous villages ready to share their life. These leisure farms are deep in the mysterious Taiwanese Jungle. Prepare for cultural shock. ….prepare to become a part of what was and yet what is.

Rural Getaways For City Guests

Many of these villages take you away from the Pacific and up narrow roads into the mountains. Here you find groups of cabins with manicured lawns in front. Civilization is still in sight! Beautiful artwork grace the lawn. That is until you look out the back door. There you are in the midst of the deep jungle! See the many animals that live in this forest. Listen to the singing of the birds. The vegetation is amazing! So many plants! Some are used for medicine. Most are used for food. It is like a kitchen garden out the back door. Welcome to the mysterious Taiwanese Jungle.

The Sun Has Set

The sun  has gone behind the hills. It is night time in the jungle. The sun has left the scene, but there is no escaping the real Taiwan. Can you imagine getting this close to the jungle in relative safety? That does not mean you will not wake up in the night and see a small lizard! A grasshopper may be sharing the room with you. They are everywhere in this tropical climate. They are not visitors. They share the cabins in peace. They are harmless. They are beautiful. They are yet another piece to the puzzle of the mysterious Taiwanese Jungle.

Accommodations In The Jungle

For an unparalleled Taiwan  experience explore the Leader Hotel Taroko. Stay in the luxury rooms of the hotel or the cabins on the edge of the rain-forest. This is the real Taiwan! The jungle is alive with life! It never sleeps! It provides both food and medicine. The jungle plants are beautiful. No need for technology, the birds provide the music. Discover Taiwan as few tourists have. Spend a few days immersed in the mysterious Taiwanese Jungle.

Published on May 25, 2017 at:

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge Taitung, Taiwan

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