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Night Markets In Hong Kong

Night Markets
Hong Kong Night Market

 Night Markets In Hong Kong

Night markets in Hong Kong are a way of life. You can find almost any fruit, snack, meat, vegetable, clothing or other needs at the markets. Haggling is the way of the market and it is not unusual to get things at half price. Some markets are a higher quality and so you can bargain only so far. Most of the night markets have good discounts if you bargain.

TEMPLE STREET NIGHT MARKET, YAU MA TEI is the largest of the night markets. It is also the most controversial. There is not much you can not buy at Temple Street Night Market.  Men are catered to at this market and often it offers some counterfeit goods and other tacky services. Sometimes it is called the Men’s Night Market, as things that men like are the bulk of the items for sale. Here you can find counterfeit goods such as clothes, watches, lighters, bags, CD’s, DVD’s and other household goods. No one expects to pay more than half of the asking price. While parts of the market are like any other night market, there are sections where prostitutes work among the low-rise tenements. It is common to see fortune-tellers cluster around the car park, and poor opera singers sing for a few bucks by the public toilets. While there are many outstanding cafes, there are some hawkers that sell unnameable meats that still are twitching. Near the market,  you also see a lot of gambling, especially near the Temple area. This is ghetto life at it’s best! Buyer beware!

STANLEY MAIN STREET, STANLEY MARKET is a little higher class market than most other Hong Kong Street Markets. This is a daytime street market, as well as a night market. The market spills out into the sidewalks and into the narrow alleyways. Most shops will bargain but not to the degree of other markets. The merchandise is nicer and often you can find silk clothing and other high-end designer goods. This is the king of the night markets for quality merchandise!

MONGKOK FLOWER MARKET AND YUEN PO STREET BIRD GARDEN are major attractions in their own right. The flower market fills the streets with blooms and color. This colorful market is a street market and a night market. Here you can find plants and blooms from all over the world.

YUEN PO STREET BIRD GARDEN is a delight and if you are in the market for birds or bird related things, this is the market to attend. There is a lovely park at one end where you can see bird owners taking their birds out for a walk. Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is both a day and night market.

Another market that is fun is the LADIES MONG KOK STREET MARKET . This is an up-scale market for the ladies. Here you will find clothes, personal items like watches and jewelry, and household goods. It is a quality market. This market is both a daytime street market and a night market.

While this is just the tip of the ice burg of markets in Hong Kong, I hope you will enjoy these and find many others. Make this the year you explore the many night markets and street markets in Hong Kong.





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