Pasay City Manila Philippines

Pasay City, PhilippinesPasay City, Philippines

Pasay City, Philippines

Pasay City Manila Philippines

Pasay City is one of the urban cities that make up Metro Manila, Philippines.  Manila is the capital of the Philippine Islands. Pasay is a city of Art and Culture. Culture is alive in the streets of Pasay! The old is new and vibrate. It is alive in 2015.

Pasay is well-known for its tourist and entertainment attractions. The Manila Film Center and the Coconut Palace are two major attractions. The palace is constructed in the shape of an octagon. The roof is in the traditional shape of a Filipino salakot or hat. It is the home of the current Vice President. What a beautiful house to call home! The palace is extravagant! It is awesome! It is Filipino!

The coconut is celebrated as the ultimate “Tree of Life.” Every part of the coconut is used by the Filipino people. The coconut’s roots, trunk, bark, fruit, flower, and shell are all used in the Philippines. The coconut is indeed a life-giving tree. The old adage: Waste not, want not comes to mind. Certainly the Filipino people make wise use of this resource. Nothing is wasted! The coconut is delicious! It is nourishing! It is useful in building. Houses are made from its trunk. Jewelry is made from the seeds. The coconut is an awesome resource. It is used wisely! What a reason to celebrate!

Another main attraction of the area is Tanghalang Francisco Balagtas. It was formally called the Folk Arts Theater. Like most of the major attractions of the city, you will find this amazing theater on the grounds of the Cultural Center. The World Trade Center Metro Manila is also close by.  There is even Star City, a major theme park, at the Center. Star City is fun for the kids of all ages. A major part of the “tourist belt” of Manila is in Pasay City. There is so much to do and see in Pasay. Discover Pasay today! Adventure is waiting!

Pasay City has several major festivals throughout the year. Many of the festivals reflect their deep religious beliefs as a county.  On the Feast Day of Sta. Clara, childless couples take to the streets! Businessmen and women gather to dance and give thanks. Politicians, and grateful parents walk and dance as music fills the air. They are showing their thankfulness for all the blessings they have received. A major trait of the Philippine people is their joy and thankfulness. Joy is in the air! Come dance and give thanks!

There is so much to see in Pasay, Philippines. Today is the day!  Book your vacation to Pasay, Philippines. Meet some of the most thankful people on earth. See thankfulness and joy in the streets of Pasay this year. It will be a  relaxing treat!  It’s an exciting adventure! Pack your bag and grab your passport! Today is the day to book that Philippine adventure.

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