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Wonderful Adventures In The Philippines

The Traditional Banca Boat Of The Philippines

The Traditional Banca Boat Of The Philippines

The Philippines is a sovereign nation made up of 7,641 different islands.  The island nation is a part of Southeast Asia  and sits between the vast China Sea and the Philippine Sea. Is it any wonder that the best way to see this unique nation is by Banca Boat? Who could be better at making the perfect boat, than a nation of islands?

What is a Banca Boat? It is a traditional double outrigger canoe. It’s astonishing design opens the door to the perfect Philippine adventure. The double outrigger design makes for a stable ride, even in the sometimes wild sea. Without this rather oddly designed boat, much of the Philippines would be a hidden treasure. The Banca travels where other boats are unable or nervous about going. Because they are a canoe, they also do not require the water depth that other boats need. You can see a whole lot more and get a whole lot closer by Banca.

Banca Journey Begin

Let The Banca Journey Begin

Our banca has arrived and it is time to climb aboard and head on out to see a nation that is blessed with over 7,000 unique islands. Let our adventure begin!

Crossing The Chrystal Clear Waters Of Leyte

Crossing The Chrystal Clear Waters Of Leyte

The Waters of Leyte are refreshing and so clear. Just imagine what you can see in water this clear. It is like you can see to the bottom of the sea. As you are cruising through this amazing sea, keep watch for marine life just passing by.

Island Of Cebu Timeless Moments On The Island Of Cebu

Can you even comprehend the peaceful moments you will experience as you stroll the beaches of Cebu?  The beauty is breathtaking in this magical land of tropical paradise. The tranquility of the island is almost unbelievable. What happened to the hustle and bustle of everyday life? There is no noise and no one is in a hurry. Welcome to life in The Islands of the Philippines.

Philippine Sailfin Crested Lizard 

 The Philippine Sailfin Crested Lizard 

When you are off taking jungle treks, look for the animals and birds that are unique to the area. One such lizard is the Philippine Sailfin Crested Lizard that only lives in the Philippines.

Chocolate-Hills-In-Bohol-PhilippinesChocolate Hills in Bohol

Chocolate Hills in Bohol is the best holiday destination that one should visit at least once in a lifetime. The awesome scenic view, looking like little mountains of chocolates.


Pandanon Island 

Journey To Pandanon Island 

Here we are journeying to the Island of Pandanon. The ocean water is so Chrystal clear, but yet it is also the most gorgeous shade of blue. There are areas where the Banca Boats come into shore easily and then there are miles of fantastic coral beds. There are areas with excellent snorkeling and then further out there are places where the divers come from all over the world. This is a divers paradise and a snorkelers delight.

Treasures Of The Sea

Treasures Of The Sea

Among the treasures Of the reefs can be almost anything, including a bed of marine mussels and other shells that have attached themselves to a long piece of driftwood. In most cases the shell is narrower than it is long. The outside of the mussel shell can be black, dark blue, and different shades of brown. On the inside it is silvery with touches of other colors.

The Spectacular Coral Reefs Of The Philippines

The Spectacular Coral Reefs Of The Philippines

The Philippine Islands are surrounded by over 10,000 miles of Coral Reefs. The reefs are made up of tiny marine creatures, some of them very unique to this area. These reefs provide food for all the larger marine animals and the large variety of fish that call the area around the reefs home. There are over 2,000 species of fish that live in the reefs of the Philippines.

The people of the Philippines also directly benefit from these reefs in many ways. One area, of course, is fishing. Fish is a major stable in the Philippine diet. Fish are also sold commercially.  It also provides a break for the waves and prevents major erosion of the coastline areas. The reefs help protect the coastal communities from powerful waves, by acting as a buffer zone. This is of major importance during typhoons and other storms. The reefs also bring in a lot of tourism, especially in the snorkeling and diving communities. This helps to create jobs in all the related service industries.

Pandanon Island

Coming Home To Pandanon Island

This man is using a Banca Boat built for one or maybe two people.  Banca Boats come in all sizes.

Notice the thick dark green jungle that is home not only to animals and reptiles, but you will also hear the parrots calling out to each other as you quietly walk by.

Magic Of The Island Jungle

The Magic Of The Island Jungle In The Philippines

Part of the magic surrounding the nation of The Philippines is that it’s treasures are spread out over 7,641 different islands. Every island is unique. Some are inhabited and others are uninhabited. No matter if they are inhabited or not, each provides a unique and different experience. The experience of walking through the tropical jungle is an adventure in itself. Who knows what you will see or hear!

Joy of Rain in The Tropical Rainforest

The Joy Of Rain In The Tropical Rainforest

The pure joy of a tropical rain shower in while in Hinnunangan, Philippines. The warm rains of the jungle provide the perfect opportunity for a casual walk in the rain.

Mt. Binintiang Malaki Volcanic Crater on Luzon Island 

 Mt. Binintiang Malaki Volcanic Crater on Luzon Island 

This Banca Boat has set off with a group of adventures, ready to discover new places. The Philippines is one place you can return to time and time again. There is so much to see and experience. Each island has it’s own uniqueness, it’s own story, it’s own adventure.

If you are looking for a place to experience many different remarkable and unusual adventures, then the Philippines is waiting. Pack your pack and grab your passport, it is time for the adventure of a lifetime in the Philippine Islands.




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