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Philippine Islands: An Amazing Journey

"Let The Journey Begin"
“Let The Journey Begin”

Philippine Islands: An Amazing Journey

Philippine Islands, there are 7,107 to be exact, and they are waiting for you to explore them all. Each is different, but each are ready to welcome you. The monsoon season ended in December and this is an awesome time to make that journey of a life time.

The island of Boracay, Aklan is a wonderful island. If you love the beach, you do not want to miss this island. The white soft sand is just like powder. No need for flip flops here, as the sand feels awesome between your toes. Island hopping and water sports are only some of the events that can fill your days. Discover the secrets of the island and make new friends. Adventure is waiting on Boracay, Aklan.

El Nido and Taytay, Palawan are another island waiting for you to discover it’s richness. This is perhaps one of the most intriguing islands and adventure is everywhere.  It’s many limestone cliffs and lagoons are the perfect spot for the backpacker or the snorkeler.  You can rent a villa on stilts right on the beach, or find your hide-a-way among the cliffs. El Nido is amazing!

Are you one who likes close encounters with nature? Then Oslob, Cebu Philippine Islands is your destination. There you can swim with the sharks each morning. Now that is a close encounter! What an experience to swim with these awesome giants of the sea.  Can you imagine how amazing this encounter will be? What an experience! What memories await!  When your done, you can journey on to Tumalog Waterfalls. There you can have a relaxing dip. For those who love to dive, Moalboal is an awesome diving location. Moalboal is a divers dream!

Panglao Island is the beach bums paradise. Dolphin watching is a major event here. The island is laid back and it is a snorkelers delight. Pamilacan Island is for the beach bum who wants to go first class. This is some of the best snorkeling in the world. Bohol is a beach bums paradise, so relax and enjoy another jewel in the Philippine Islands.

On the Island of Garden City, Samal, and Davao del Norte luxury is waiting at every turn. The Pearl Farm Luxury Resort is only one of the islands major draws. Take time to discover Hagimit Falls, one of natures breathtaking experiences. Experience all the many underwater shapes and colors of Talikud Island’s coral Garden Marine Park. Here you will see magnificent coral and endless species of fish. Truly this is one of the top Marine Parks in the world. In Monfort, you can visit the Monfort Bat Sanctuary. The sanctuary is the home to thousands of Fruit Bats. What an unique experience is waiting for you in Monfort.

Camiguin Island perhaps has one of the most fantastic beaches. This beach is here one moment and then gone the next. It is really a sandbar and it makes it appearance only during low tide.  Camiguin is an island filled with mystery and delightful secrets. There are both hot and cold springs, gorgeous waterfalls, and even an underwater cemetery. Here you will find ruins of an earlier time and the secrets of it’s ancient volcanoes. Be sure to check out all the fabulous snacks as you loop around this fantastic island.

These are only 6 out of all the many islands that make up the Philippine Islands. You still have 7, 101 more to discover. Now is the ideal time for a beach getaway and The Philippine Islands are ready to welcome you. Grab your passport and pack your bag! Make this the year you start your journey around the Philippine Islands.

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Philippine Islands: An Amazing Journey

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