25 Travel Tips That Can Save Your Life!

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By John Gentry Travel Channel to travel the world Travel Tips that could save your life is an ongoing project that will grow over time, and we hope everyone ...
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Sailfin Dragon Lizards From The Philippines

Sail finDragonLizards
Philippines Travel Tips Uncategorized World Travel
Watch you step, the Philippine Sailfin Dragon Lizard could be above your head! Sailfin Dragon Lizards Of The Philippines Sailfin Dragon Lizards  are perhaps  the most spectacular lizards ...
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Panaon Island: Southern Leyte, Philippines

Southern Leyte Coral Reefs
Philippines Scuba Diving World Travel
             Southern Leyte Coral Reefs Panaon Island in Southern Leyte, The Philippines is one of four islands that are connected to the jurisdiction ...
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Journey Toward Pandanon Island

Journey toward Pandanon Island
Cebu Philippines Scuba Diving Travel Tips World Travel
Journey Toward Pandanon Island Philippines Journey toward Pandanon Island, a first class adventure that is amazing! Though the island is fantastic, the journey is phenomenal. Imagine the crystal ...
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