Taiwan's east-coast

Taiwan’s east-coast

Jhaorih Hot Springs Taiwan 温泉台湾

Jhaorih Hot Springs
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Jhaorih Hot SpringsJhaorih ホットスプリングス Jhaorih Hot Springs, a rare sea-water hot springs, melts away the stress. Fed by the sea, and warmed by volcanic lava, Jhaorith Hot Springs ...
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Highway 11: Taitung To Hualien, Taiwan

East Coast Taiwan Taitung Taiwan Travel Tips World Travel
Highway 11 is a beautiful stretch of coastal road that runs between Taitung and Hualien in Taiwan Highway 11: Taitung To Hualien, Taiwan Highway 11, from Taitung to ...
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Bashian Cave:Taiwan’s Stone Age Ruin

Bashian Cave
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Bashian Cave-"The Children Are Coming To See Us" Bashian Cave: One of Ten Stone Age Caves Bashian Cave is one of Taiwan’s geological wonders. It is the living ...
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