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Walt Disney And Mickey Welcome You

Walt Disney and Mickey

Walt Disney And Mickey Welcome You

Walt Disney and Mickey welcome you to the magical world of Disneyland, California USA. It’s a world of laughter! It is a world of fun. Year around, Disneyland comes alive with enchantment. Clever and spectacular decorations are everywhere. Let your imagination roam free, in the land of magic. Walt Disney and his friend, Mickey, are ready to welcome you to the most amazing celebration of all time. It is a world of fantasy characters with astonishing costumes. Characters come alive in the world of yesterday. Walt Disney welcomes you to the land of make-believe.

Get ready to sail the world in “It’s a small World After All.” Characters from around the globe appear singing the theme song in their native language. Take off on a whimsical boat ride with children from around the world as your hosts. From the moment that Walt Disney and Mickey welcome you in the gate, it is non-stop entertainment and fun. Come on in and lets celebrate.

Enjoy the world of “Frozen.” The snow has fallen and the ice is blue. What a sensational experience. Here you will frolick in the land of Frozen, while enjoying the mild sunny days of Southern California. This sensational story that has swept the hearts of people the world over is continuing at Disneyland. Enjoy the thrilling experience as you see old friends and meet new one.

Catch a train ride on Thunder Mountain. Watch the world of Frontierland come alive.  Stop by the Big Thunder BBQ for an all American lunch. While you’re so close,  visit the Thunder Mountain Ranch. Here at the ranch you can pet, brush, and enjoy the many ranch animals. This will be an amazing experience for animal lovers of all ages.

From the time that Walt Disney and Mickey greet you, adventure is everywhere. There are costumed characters from all the Disney movies. Explore the homes of Mickey and Minnie. Get your sea legs wet as you check out Donald’s Boat. Race around the city with Roger Rabbit. The thrill has just began.

And what about all the princesses and Cinderella? How beautiful they are. Be sure to check out Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. Take a walk through the castle. Explore the world of Sleeping Beauty. The castle is priceless! The custums are breathtaking. This is a world of dreams! Come along with us and explore Disneyland California USA.

Check out the many celebrations that happen year around. Christmas is a time of magic. The Christmas Fantasy Parade features all the regulars along with Santa, Mickey and all the crew. Parades are fun and you will see a cross section of all your favorite Disney friends.  Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and more,  look festive in their sensational holiday garments. The streets come alive with Toy Soldiers in their bright red uniforms and big black hats. Walt Disney knows that a good parades makes the World of Disney even more fun. So there are parades for every special season. It’s time to celebrate!  The fun has just begun, at Disneyland California USA. So why not load the family in the car and head on out to Disneyland. Adventure is waiting in Southern California.

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