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Ever since we lay our eyes on the Philippines, we have had a burst of emotions within us. It is love at first sight and we cannot deny it. We cannot stop gushing over Boracay’s white-sand beaches and the seaside cliffs at Palawan. The locals can be humbler than you can ever think of them to be.

The Philippines is a nation that comprises around 7641 islands located in close association. Needless to say, it will be very hard for you to visit all of them in just a few weeks of your visit. But with our travel guide, we will make sure to help you make the most out of the nation within the shortest period.

The Philippines is all that you want as a tourist. The tropical islands, unique wildlife, rice terraces, white sandy beaches, and turquoise blue waters are the sights to behold. The place is also home to some of the world-class diving and surfing spots. The official language is Filipino and learning some common phrases will help you in your entire tour. The country is a Christian nation, the only one in Asia. You’ll get to see the best amalgamation of Western and Eastern cultures here.

The best time to visit the nation is around March to May during the summers. It might be very expensive to move around but you will easily find taxis, jeepneys, and motorised tricycles as a major mode of transportation in the towns and cities.

Enjoy the local festivals of Sinulog, Dinagyang, Panagbenga, or Masskara, or island-hop through boat rides. Enjoy scuba diving in the coral triangle or go beach bumming. Do not forget to try the local food here for as low as a dollar and much more.

To explore the best travel destinations in the Philippines, hire a local guide or follow our blog to enrich your knowledge about their culture.


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