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Jeepney Tour Adventure In The Philippines

Philippines Jeepney Tour Adventure

Jeepney Tours Are Fun In The Philippines

Jeepney tours are the only way to go when touring the city. What better way to see all there is to see? When in Rome, do as the Romans. When in the Philippines, join the locals and grab a Jeepney. Tour the city Philippine style.  Hop on, hop off! This is Manila style. Discover the rich heritage of Manila! As you travel through the city, do you see something you want to take a picture of? No problem, hop off and catch the next Jeepney when it comes along. This is the only way to see what you want to see in this magnificent city. Jeepney is sure to become an icon in Manila. So join in the fun, explore the major attractions of Manila Jeepney style! Hop on, hop off!

So what do you think? Is this a low-class or frumpy tour bus? NOT ON YOUR LIFE! The Jeepney has it all! It is air-conditioned for your comfort, as the tropics can be hot for tourists. It has a TV to entertain your children when there is nothing they want to see.  They even have the magic of a sing-along on-board. What fun this trip is! This is an adventure in the Philippines.

Go to London, Barcelona, New York, and India and you will see those awesome Double Decker buses to tour the area in style. Now Manila is adding its name to the famous tour buses in the cities of the world. The Jeepney has just emerged as the bright yellow tour bus of Manila. How awesome it is to see the Jeepney run between Makati and Manila bringing tourists to premier historical and cultural centers.  It stops at major shopping centers and restaurants throughout Makati and Manila, Philippines. Jeepney is a major link between hotels, hostels, restaurants, and tourist events. If you want to really see Manila and Makati, Jeepney is the way to go. Just hop on, and hop off!

Karaoke is a major love in The Philippines. On the Jeepney, you will sing to your heart’s content with the Wow Magic Sing.  There are no dull moments on the Jeepney Manila. The tour guides are dressed in Philipinina costumes. They offer tid bits of information as you reach different pit stops or places of interest. What fun it is to join in a grass-roots program that is all Filipino.

So what are some of the places you will see on the Jeepney Manila? A few of the more famous stops are the Coconut Palace, Cultural Center of the Philippines, National Museum, Orchaderiam, and Ritzal Park.  Other places of interest you will see are Port Santiago, Manila Cathedral, Ilustrado, and Silahis Arts.  There are many restaurants on the route including the Barbara’s Restaurants. There are stops at the Hotel Intercontinental, Makati  Shangri-La Hotel, Diamond Motel, and Heritage Motel. For those who like to shop, hop off ….hop on at the SM Mall of Asia.

So what are you waiting for? Make this the year you travel to Manila Philippines. Hop on, hop off…….see Makati and Manila in style, Jeepney style! Discover the Historic District of Intramuros in Manila, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the rich district.  Immerse yourself in Filipino culture! Be sure to savor the Pinoy treats of The Philippines, they are a culinary delight! So grab your passport and pack your bag. The time to visit The Philippines is now!

Published on on March 19, 2017.