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The Night Lights Of Hsinchu City

Hsinchu City

                          THE NIGHT LIGHTS OF HSINCHU CITY, TAIWAN

Hsinchu city (Chinese: 新竹市) is a lively small city in the Northern part of Taiwan. It has the distinction of being Northern Taiwan’s oldest city. It was first occupied by an aboriginal tribe called the Taokas. It is often called, the Windy City, for it’s windy weather. The wind tends to gust off the Strait of Taiwan all day and all night. It can make it quite cold in the wintertime, especially around the time of Chinese New Year. However, the wind makes the summers quite pleasant. It is a fun city to explore day or night. The signs for each shop are big and a lot of colors is used. It is beautiful at night when all the signs are lit up. It is a peaceful and respectful city making exploration at night a fun activity.

For an exciting night market experience, be sure to visit  Hsinchu City God (Cheng Huang) Temple. Hsinchu City God Temple can be found on the corner of Zhongshan Rd and Dougmen St. This is the senior ranking temple among all the Taiwan City God temples. This historical temple was finished in 1748 and is renowned for its two-story ornate building. The many small eateries have some of Taiwan’s old-time favorite little eats.  You will encounter many types of incense and many Taiwanese little eats in the front of the temple. Here you will find Taiwanese Spring Rolls, Steamed cakes, Pork Meatballs, and many more special treats of Taiwan. This night market really forms a very bright and exciting scene. The temple has a very distinctive and beautiful arched entryway. Entering, you will notice that the inner walls are filled with magnificent wall paintings that have been painted over the ages. Hsinchu City God Temple is the perfect adventure for a night of culture and fun.

Hsinchu City until 1902 was a walled city with four beautiful gates. Yi Suang to the West, Ying Xi in the East, Gexum on the Southern side, and Gongcheng in the North. Three of the gates to the city were destroyed in 1902 when the Japanese built a new road system. Only the beautiful YingXi in the East is still standing. She is amazing to see at night when all lit up. Ying Xi is considered the “Mother of Hsinchu”, protecting all the people from harm. This is a very unique and famous landmark in Hsinchu City. A trip to see the East Gate at night is a must for every visitor to this old city.

Houzhan Tourism Night Market (Hsinchu) is a typical Taiwanese Night Market. You will find everything there that is at all-night markets throughout the island. It is located very close to the train station and the new bus station, making it convenient for the adventure traveler.

Hsinchu City has a vivid and dazzling nightlife with everything from local eateries to large restaurants and bars. Take a few minutes and just walk along the streets of downtown and you will discover many hidden gems. So while in Hsinchu, Taiwan, enjoy all the activities of the day, but don’t sell the night short. There are lots to do in Hsinchu City, Taiwan.

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Hsinchu City Taiwan

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