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Rosarito Beach In Baja California Mexico Beckons To Beach Lovers Everywhere

Baja California Mexico

Horses, Warm Weather, And A Perfect Surf At Rosarito Beach In Baja California Mexico 

Rosarito is a quaint town with many luxury resorts, elegant hotels, and many first-class recreational vehicle parks. This has been a mecca for short tourist get-a-ways from San Diego, California USA, being less than 30 miles away. There is also the town of Medio Camino just south of Rosarito Beach and Baja Malibu to the north of Rosarito. This area has amazing beaches, with sandy beaches just perfect for horseback riding and a strong surf perfect for catching that next wave.

horse back riding in Baja California Mexico

Surfing The Internet In Style At Rosarito Beach In Baja California Mexico 

Almost anything can be seen south of the border. Horseback riding is a major sight in Baja California, so much so, it seems some people have real skills. This young man was trotting down the sandy beach surfing the internet. Now that takes skill!

beach resorts Baja California Mexico

 Endless excitement at Rosarito Beach In Baja California Mexico

The town of Rosarito is a quaint tourist town that Americans flock to by the thousands. With its outstanding beaches and first-class resorts at reasonable rates, it is a magnate for the retired. People on Medicare, can hop back into the US for medical care and return home to paradise. All this helps in making tourists from north of the border content and comfortable.

lovers walk Romantic Shores Of Rosarito Beach

 Romantic Shores Of Rosarito Beach In Baja California Mexico 

Rosarito beaches are beautiful any time of the day. The sunsets over the ocean are spectacular. Couples walk hand in hand down the beach. Romance is in the air.

Another fun place to visit is the Rosarito Underwater Park which is located just offshore.  The park features an artificial reef with the remains of a former Navy ship nearby. The wreck is a magnet for divers of all levels. 

street food Romantic Shores Of Rosarito Beach

Hidden Gems That Make You Fall In Love With The City In Baja California Mexico  

The food in the area is extremely good and the only issue is the large portions. There are many restaurants at the resorts and then there are food trucks painted brightly so as to be easily seen. Mexicans love color and this is just one of the examples of the many colors. Food at the food trucks is extremely delicious, and of course, the prices are reasonable.

Shopping For Bargains Baja California Mexico

Shopping For Bargains Is Always Fun In Baja California Mexico

An example of two Mexican women visiting in the sun in front of a market. The Mexicans are very friendly, though you may expect that as the culture as a whole really likes visiting and showing friendship. Notice the beautiful use of color

Man And His Violin In Baja California Mexico

Sweet Music Of A Man And His Violin In Baja California Mexico

The Mexicans love music, and it is not uncommon for skilled players to be playing for those who enjoy listening.

Tomatillos On The Vine

Tomatillos On The Vine In Baja California Mexico   

Tomatillos make up a positive appearance in most gardens. Tomatillos are often called Mexican Tomato. They are a bright green when ripe and are covered by a husk. They are usually used in making salsa.

Beautiful Architecture In Baja California Mexico

Unique And Beautiful Architecture In Baja California Mexico

This Spanish styling is everywhere in Baja, with its arches, courtyards, and red-tiled roofs. This is the local style for all levels of housing. High rises and modern architecture are now seen, but there are plenty of small homes to larger ones done in the Spanish styling. Especially in Baja, with its magical appearance, these homes make up the norm.

If you are looking for a quick vacation to a tourist wonderland, that is near the border, then Baja California is your perfect answer. The shopping is spectacular and there are bargains galore, the food is amazing, and there is a strong dollar-to-peso relationship, which is good for Americans.

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