The Night Lights Of Hsinchu City

Hsinchu City
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                          THE NIGHT LIGHTS OF HSINCHU CITY, TAIWAN Hsinchu city (Chinese: 新竹市) is a lively small city ...
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The City Of New Bamboo Celebrates

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 Bundle Up And Celebrate The Wind blows across the island and the city of Hsinchu is ready to swing into celebration mode.  These cooling breezes, awesome most of ...
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Traditional Taiwanese Dried Persimmons

Traditional Dried Persimmons
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 Traditional Taiwanese Dried Persimmons Traditional Taiwanese Dried Persimmons can still be seen in Xinpu Township, Hsinchu County (新竹縣新埔鎮). If you arrive at Weiweijia Persimmon Orchard (味衛佳柿餅工廠 ) during the month ...
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Nanliao Fishing Port: Hsinchu, Taiwan

Nanliao Fishing Port
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Nanliao Fishing Port Nanliao Fishing Port: Hsinchu, Taiwan Nanliao Fishing Port of Hsinchu, Taiwan is famous for kites, bikes, bike paths, fabulous sunsets, and the dragon boat races. What ...
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