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Taiwanese Street Food Favorites


Taiwanese Street Food Favorites

Taiwanese Street Food is well known the world over. Taipei is famous for its many night markets and all the many delicacies. The night life of Taipei is not only about bars and it’s many nightclubs. They are famous for their night markets that stay open till midnight and many even into the wee hours of the morning. Taiwanese street food is delicious and comes in many forms.

There are many favorites among street foods and Taipei, the capital, has them all. The air is filled with the aroma of stinky tofu, candied tomatoes and plums, and an old time favorite, beef noodles. Taiwanese street food is amazing! Smoke curls in the air, hawkers sing out into the night, and the streets are alive with excitement. Small stalls are lit up, and brightly colored  signs  beckon in the night. The streets are alive with music and the crowds are overwhelming. Everyone loves the night market!

As you wander through the crowds, you will see those delicious candied tomatoes and plums everywhere. Continue further along and you will find a Taiwanese favorite, stinky tofu. You will not go far, before you will find a noodle stall. There is nothing like Beef Noodles! A perfect night of snaking begins with Beef Noodles, Squid, or Fried Chicken and ends with one of the candied fruits. Now that is good eating!

Going deeper into the elbow to elbow crowds, you will discover Taiwan’s unique dumplings. Dumplings are a national favorite and each year there are contests to see who will make the perfect dumpling. But the one smell you will never cover up, no matter where you are or what you eat, is the stench of Stinky Tofu. Stinky Tofu is amazing if you can get it past your nose!  Stinky Tofu is a favorite among Taiwanese street food!

Taiwanese street food is the best in the world! Judging from the crowds, I would say that most people love candied tomatoes. Another all time favorite is the candied plums. Those make elbowing the crowds worth it! No other food in the market has that special taste that candied plums have. Taiwanese street food is some of the most exciting in all the world. Asia is known for it’s street food, but Taiwanese street food leads them all.

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