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Travel Careers and Learning Internationally

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Travel Careers – Over the years I have been asked about how I’m able to organize and motivate people within my organization and during my career. People like to assume my formal education was a major point to this but they may be surprised to find out that has been my love of travel that has grown my opportunities and my career. I began traveling within the United States Army and learning by being engrossed within an international environment that not only encouraged my learning within what people call a Liberal Arts format of college learning and within my everyday life learning opportunities. Learning languages, culture, and the transfer of ideas internationally gave me a tremendous amount of information on how to survive in life and abroad. It was this humble beginning in Western Europe on the edge of what we used to call Western Europe where I began to hone and use my first learned skills from international and adventure travel.

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Traveling and Building your future Abroad.

As with any successful career, one must learn to develop working relationships with coworkers, and strangers with whom you meet along the way. Now I guess this sounds easy on its surface but does require effort, and the willingness to engage the people and the world around you. This communication with other languages and the use of a different culture’s view of how this is done can expand your mind and your curiosity. Some people will assume that beginning this effort in strange lands is difficult but it is not and only requires a willingness to go outside your normal comfort zones. People as a whole all over the world are nice, helpful, and willing to share their language and culture free of charge. That’s right free, and this will only make you a better university student if you find a way to do both at the same time.

You must look at people as walking and living opportunities to learn and to expand your overall knowledge. I have learned variations of German for example before I even knew that what I had learned was considered rare within Germany and specific to the region I live in Bavaria Germany. But it was this experience that caused me to learn more and to expand informal German that I then used to travel regionally. Or basic French, Spanish for opportunities in other European areas of interest. Each time, place and people expand my knowledge of people and begin to build my understanding of International Studies, politics, history, and more. Now I work, go to school when possible, and explore my area where I lived each week. I took advantage of every opportunity to travel, learn and explore. I began to get so good at it that my nickname began to be Herman the German. Others would come to me for useful information, and this started my intellectual assets in which I trade for promotions and other opportunities.

Joy at the Lantern Festival in Taiwan!
Joy at the Lantern Festival in Taiwan!

Building Your Travel Career Networking

Expanding your circle of influence was harder in the nineteen-eighties, and today I use Linkedin to keep track of my contacts around the world. Modern-day tools are just that tools and don’t replace your active networking as you go. You can only do this by meeting people, and this can be exhausting if you don’t learn to enjoy it for what it brings you long term. Knowledge is to be gained from all sources and other people’s experiences are critical forms of information. They then offer you ideas of places to visit, books to read and introduce you to others who can expand your abilities over time. So networking should not be considered a chore but a natural element of your life forever. Keep expanding your circle of influencers and learn each and every day, take notes to keep yourself informed and to refresh your memory.

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Always Learning Around the World

Sometimes you learn something small and you need to research this out. The Internet is great but sometimes not enough. So use libraries to find additional information, and Universities will most of the time let you in free of charge and can be found around the world with enormous amounts of great specific information, and even more people for you to meet and to learn from. I have at times took formal classes in foreign universities, and hired tutors from the student population to gain some additional skills. While doing this I recommend keeping a journal and writing down your thoughts and ideas along the way. Focus on action statements and goals and search out how to achieve them. Oftentimes just being friendly while looking within an aisle of a certain subject presents an opportunity for others to search as well, and like minds love to share useful information. Don’t underestimate art and its ability to teach you of a people, and their past, and these same locations normally have this available with the surroundings.

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Learn To Build Your Future With Other Peoples Money

Something that most people always ask is how to pay for this? I have used my career to cover these costs, and many times I received promotions or new jobs just by meeting someone new who needed my unique skill set. This is the power of networking and positivity combined and yields tremendous results. The hardest part is to know what you want to be searching for in a new environment and to not quite get there right away. So patience is also critical and the extra time is always used to prepare, learn, and expand your abilities. This for me has to use my extra time to document, and to consolidate my knowledge into university degrees over time. I have found several universities that welcome me testing out of classes or I take the class formally. From DSST, CLEP, TECEP, or other tests I have amassed a tremendous amount of verifiable skills that I can prove to future employers and into degrees that fulfill paper requirements. So using your employer’s economic gains to raise yourself up over time can be rewarding and beneficial to others with whom you might help, and return the favors passing information on to others.

Pingtung County Team with new friends Dario and Joy, in the rich culture of the Paiwan and Rukai Tribes at Sandiman Village in Southern Taiwan

Affirmations For Your Future

When building your travel career future the most important this I found critical to my success was this. Use affirmation techniques to continue telling yourself what you want, where you want to go, and what success is to you. Don’t be unrealistic but program yourself to think in a positive and constructive fashion. One of my favorite things to say to myself is “Every day in every way things are getting better and better.” This sounds simple and in a world full of negative thoughts this can be difficult and yes you will get off track many times in your life. So be positive but also practical. Read books, and listen to audiobooks, podcasts on subjects that help you learn the new skills needed. Each book, podcast, and person you meet is another positive aspect of your life and one step closer to what you want to achieve. The information you take is is very important and if you’re bombarded with negative people you need to add positive information. I do this via audiobooks, and by writing down what I want to achieve, and then from time to time, I add to the journal with successes and conclusions. The last thing and the most difficult is patience or the time you take waiting. But just because you are waiting does not mean a lack of focus, planning, or jumping on possible opportunities. By doing this you will build you and other travelers careers over the long term and meet many friends along the way.

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In Conclusion don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and to engage strangers in conversations, and to learn new information and skills. Building your Travel Careers and Learning Internationally is enjoyable and well worth all of the efforts. I have taken my family around the world, educated my kids for the future while building exciting memories along the way. Embrace each and every opportunity, and always keep your eyes open for something new that might lead you to a new job, school project or someone you can learn from. Life is about people, and what you do each and every day from meetings, researching, visiting museums or more can become an enriching life-changing experience.

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