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3 Amazing Jobs For World Travel

Jobs For World Travel – The one thing people like to ask often is what jobs did you do for international travel? International travel is fun and exciting, but not without its challenges. Please don’t think you are going to get an easy walk in the park. Because for people to pay you to travel they do expect something in return. Hard work and a solid work ethic will take you a long way.

Once you know your trade well it does get easier, but sometimes customers will demand that only you can fix their problems. It’s great to be wanted but if you’re in Singapore, and your customer is in South Korea and it’s Friday you might not be so excited. Larger companies do seem to understand the strain of travel on their employees so make sure to negotiate to take your family on larger longer-term assignments.

There have been times when I was in business class, and deep asleep. I landed, and no one was left on the plane. The stewardesses thought I may have died and been checking for a heartbeat. So yes I worked for every trip, and today I’m a well-established and experienced manager. So make sure to give your international job your best and climb the ranks of success. Even if you go out on your own your past reputation will land you new contracts from a solid reputation.

Here I will break this down into three separate positions. First, there was my field service career, and then my move into international management and then project management. These three positions have taken me around the world and allowed me to get employer-paid international travel around the world.

Singapore City Jobs For World Travel
Singapore City – Jobs For World Travel

Field Service Jobs For World Travel

As a field service engineer, you developed a reputation with your customers and they will begin asking for you by name. This can be highly profitable, and I have taken vacations after a job is completed. This allows you to then purchase hotels, flights, and more at a deeper discount than you can get in the USA. I prefer to use, local travel agents, to get me a great deal.

Being a field service engineer was a very rewarding time of my career. Here I built up technical skills, and people skills around the world in a rapid fashion. Learning to troubleshoot based on information from foreigners was very helpful to me long term. This led to many cultural exchanges and my learning of languages. Maybe not in order to be fluent, but enough to be polite, and to help my employer succeed. This meant I also succeeded, and the financial reward did begin to follow.

Management Jobs For World Travel

Becoming an international manager is another area where you can develop your skills, and reputation while working as a field service engineer. As you begin to spend more and more time on a international basis opportunities will arise and it’s up to you to take advantage of them. I have worked in management out of Singapore as a local hire, and as an Expat out of Taiwan. Both opportunities enable me to have long-term travel opportunities and sometimes came with required business travel.

Keep in mind that depending on what type of management responsibility you will have will determine a few factors. Most ex-pat managers represent a company out of North America or Europe, but in reality, your position could come from anywhere. Sales managers do travel allot but most of the time they are not ex-pats. Field Service Managers often are also technical, and might have been field service engineers for the same company. The customers already trust this person, and you then become the manager even if temporary is not uncommon.

Project Management Jobs For World Travel

The third position is as a project manager, and some may think this is a step down from international people management. So it does depend on the company and the job scope as to whether it’s a step up. For very large projects the operation can be huge, and your ability to manage large amounts of people who don’t report to you directly or as they are known as a dotted line matrix. These larger projects can be very profitable and may come with a huge amount of company support within an Expat package.

These types of jobs can cover aspects of people management and sometimes transform over time. It’s up to you to draw the line on your mission scope as laid out before you accepted. There will be a series of issues, and if you have the additional managerial experience they may want to tap into that. Just make sure to not over-stretch your time to the point of burnout. Even when you love what you do this can happen and the road to recovery normally takes longer than expected.

There was a time I began as a project manager and ended up building a successful department that led to a merger. By the time I signed off we had hundreds of employees, and it was great to see such a successful closure to this project and to see the people I have to hire move around the world. Some of these people are also now managers, and I have stayed in contact helping them as a coach on various topics over the years.

Now you should always look for opportunities as a local hire as well because sometimes being sponsored by your employer can come with huge benefits. An example can be Taiwan’s insurance program at the country level. Very cost-effective, and cover almost everything.


In conclusion, there is no hard rule for what you can do. It’s really part of the feeling or expectations others think you can provide. This in turn helps upper manager make their budgets, sell more equipment or land larger contracts. Your role is simple to say you are there to help make that business more money off of your labor and skills. By working hard and becoming an expert at what you do the money normally follows, and if it doesn’t there is someone in another company wanting you to work for them.

So keep in mind that these three jobs for international travel don’t need to be exactly as I have laid them out. Times, the environment, and the constant of positions change each year, and you just need to be flexible enough to change with the times. Always keep learning on your own building up nontechnical skills, and watch your ability to get things done sore. If you love what you do your attention to detail, and your love for personal growth will take you to new heights around the world.

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