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‎Nazareth from the Mount of ‪‎Precipice

View of ‪#‎Nazareth‬ from the Mount of ‪#‎Precipice‬ in ‪#‎Israel‬

‎Nazareth from the Mount of ‪‎Precipice

‎Nazareth, from the top of Mount Precipice in Israel, lays out in all directions. What a majestic view. Mount Precipice, has had many names through the years. It is also known as the Mount of Precipitation, from which you have a beautiful view of ‎Nazareth and the Jezreel Valley. Mt Precipice is reached by car following the signs of “Mt Precipice” on the highway that bypasses ‎Nazareth. It is has perhaps the most magnificent view of ‎Nazareth, Israel. Exploring the top of the cliff adds a whole new dimension to your ‎Nazareth adventure. While on Mount Precipice you will have amazing views of the Yizrael or Jezreel Valley. Soak in the sights of the valley, the city of Afula, and spectacular Mount Tabor with its round top. Mount Precipice is located in the cliffs of Mount Kedumim. It is located just to the south of ‎Nazareth,

‎Nazareth is the Northern capital of Israel. It is the largest city in Northern Israel. It is a modern city. It is clean and well planned. The city of Nazareth is known as “the Arab capital of Israel.” Almost 66% of the population are Arabs with Israel citizenship. This is a city of religion, and belief. It has a deep-rooted spirituality. Several major religions can be found within her borders. It is a Christian, Jew, and Islamic Holy Site. The city has a rich and fascinating history.  In recent years it has  been the site of much archaeological interest. It is a modern city with a distinctive Middle Eastern flavor in its architecture and culture.

Archaeological research has discovered the remains of Kfar HaHoresh, a major cult center just two miles from the current modern city. This cult dates back almost 9000 years. They uncovered the  remains of over 65 individuals that had been buried under a massive headstone. The decorated human skulls enabled archaeologists to identify the remains of this ancient cult. It is a fascinating discovery into the past.

Just a short walk from the city center and you can reach Nazareth Village. At the village, you will take a step back in time and find yourself immersed in the culture of Nazareth at the time  that Jesus walked the streets. Whether you are interested in history, religion, or culture, Nazareth Village is the place to be. Here you can interact with the past and get a hands on education into what life was like at this time. Nazareth Village is quaint and educational.

In the Village of Nazareth, sheep and goats wander the streets, following their shepherds. Craftsmen build with wood, and weavers weave with wool. All are dressed in the clothing of the first century. You will see villagers with baskets of olives on their way to the olive press. Children play in the streets and pick the ripe pomegranates when in season. You will be able to stand on a wine-press that dates back to the first century. History, religion, archaeology, and culture all come alive.

In the modern city of Nazareth, you will find plenty of accommodations and local cafes. It is a completely modern city in every aspect/ You will find museums,Holy sites, shops, shopping malls, major restaurants, and side-walk cafes. Nazareth is an excellent place to begin your Israel adventure. And the time to book your trip is today.