Sycamore Tree In Ancient Israel

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Sycamore Tree In Ancient Israel Sycamore Tree, an ancient species of the Fig Tree, is amazing. It is also related to the Mulberry Tree. There are several species ...
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Mesopotamian Archaeology is another ebook in our series of history based on the regional area of the fertile crescent. This book is a classic, and will help train ...
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Geographical Area of Ur ‘of the Chaldees’

Ziggurat of Ur
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Taken by Leon Legrain (1925-1926). Historical Review Geographical Area of Ur 'of the Chaldees' The Neolithic Technology Connection By John J. Gentry Sr Preface This is a ongoing research ...
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My visit to Amsterdam

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   Hello from Holland! Amsterdam has so much history and a personality that is uniquely Holland.  From Tulips to old world architecture in every building, with so much ...
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