Middle East

Middle East

The Many Mysteries Of Petra Jordan

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The Many Mysteries Of Petra Jordan is a showcase of Petra the city that was lost in the cliff of the rock and hidden for years. ...
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City of Ur Plan – Building Blocks of a Civilization

Ur Ziggurat
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City of Ur Artifacts 1920 Ur Online Field Photographs  Photo ID Penn Archival Image Label GN1912 City of Ur Plan The City of Ur Plan is academic research into where ...
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Journal of a Residence at Bagdad

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Photo is from the Ur Project of the 1920's south of Bagdad. People have asked many times over the years how have we managed to be able to ...
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Middle East Adventure: Week One Jerusalem, Jericho, Sea of Galilee

Middle East Adventure
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Middle East Adventure: Week One Israel and Palestine Territories Middle East adventures are looming in the days ahead. The exploretraveler.com team has left the comforts of home behind ...
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