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Yehliu Park: Northern Coast of Taiwan

Yehliu Park in the Northern Coast of Taiwan.

Yehliu Park And The Northern Coast of Taiwan

Yehliu Park lies in the Northern Coastal Region of Taiwan. Northern Taiwan has many magnificent scenic areas. It is beautiful!  The land looks like it was just painted by a great artist. The sandy beaches have the most unusual rocks. They are so unique! This beach is like no other beach!  The rocky shoreline extends far below the surface. There are cliffs hanging on the side. Drop-offs and shelves are a for delight divers. It has some of the most spectacular coral beds in the country. Taiwan is amazing!  It is beautiful! It is exclusive and rare!

Taipei is an island metropolis located in Northern Taiwan. It is cosmopolitan and amazingly idiosyncratic.  It is a  fascinating city! It is a city of contrasts! With-in Taipei you will see both the old and the new. Everything modern is blended with a culture that is older than the country. You will see architecture that dates back to the time of the dynasties. You will also see one of the world’s tallest and most modern buildings. Like the Ying and the Yang, is Taipei.

The Northern Coast

You only have to travel a few hours to arrive at the Northern Coast. It is a place of unbelievable contrasts. The geological wonders in this area are amazing.  The shores are rocky and unforgiving in several places, The many types of geological rocks were formed in unique shapes. Some have been given names, like “Queens Head.” Others are waiting for your imagination to fill in the blank. Only a few hours from Taipei, the Northern Coast is an experience in country living. It is a perfect place to experience Aborigine  Taiwan. Here you will taste many of the island’s local delicacies. Some are eccentric in nature, and others are just a Taiwan take on an old favorite.

Keelung City

This is the rainy side of the island. It is raining in Keelung,as usual. The port is the second largest in Taiwan and is often called  The Rainy Port. Keelung City is mysterious and modern. It has the best of the old mingled with the finest of the new. Keelung City is a hub for modern technology. It has the finest architecture from the dynasties. It is truly a city of mixed vision. The old is kept current and the news continues to be built.  Keelung is amazing, mysterious, and high-tech. Here you will see the vision for tomorrow mingled with the reality of yesterday. Keelung City is a thriving and magnificent metropolis.

Yehliu Park

Yehliu Park is a premier destination in the North of Taiwan. It is the rarest of the rare!  It is the home to many exclusive and iconic geological creations. It stretches forth around the bay from the village of Wanli. You will find many remarkable geological rock formations. Some have unusual shapes and have been given names. Here you will find Elephant Rock, Ice Cream Rock, and Ginger Rock. While there are many that have been named, there are just as many waiting for you to name. Look, there is a mushroom. What kind is it? What shall we call it? What is that? Does it look like a cat? What shall we name it?  There is no limit to where your imagination can take you.  Welcome to Yehliu Park.

Sanxiantai Dragon Bridge Taitung, Taiwan

Yehliu Geological Park In Northern Taiwan

Queens Head Rock at Yehliu Taiwan

Keelung Taiwan…. The Rainy Port

Xizhi Station 汐止車站 Taiwan

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