25 Travel Tips That Can Save Your Life!

travel tips

By John Gentry Travel Channel to travel the world

travel tips

Travel Tips that could save your life is an ongoing project that will grow over time, and we hope everyone is able to enjoy themselves better while traveling since they will be better prepared. Enjoy these simple but easy to understand tips and make your next trip an adventure of a lifetime.

1. Never pass up a good toilet because the next one may be a squat only.

2. Always get cash after customs at your destination airport. Euros and USD Maybe an exception. Don't risk breaking local customs regulations.

3. Always carry diarrhea medicine.

travel tips
Mysterious Chinese herbs in the traditional medicine shops of Hong Kong

4. Always look up three words before you travel; thank you, yes and no.

5. Always have tissues packages on hand for the bathroom and eating use.

6. Certain medicine needs to be considered. Tylenol, Panadol and any needed prescription drugs.

7. Learn and study body language. Most expressions are international.

8. Use modern technology like Twitter to keep you updated on certain travel areas. US Department of State and the CDC have an alert service.

9. Water usage should be increased to offset times when good clean water is not available.

10. Learn some basics in English, German, Mandarin, and Russian, these languages can sometimes be used in emergencies.

travel tips

11. Study the basic history of a region before going there.

12. Learn the taboos of the area you are traveling to. Remember it is their country, not yours.

13. Don't assume the water is clean to drink just because locals drink it. They have built up immunities you don't have.

Travel Tips International Travel

14. Traveling causes the body to lose sleep. This in will lower your immune system so make sure to schedule recovery time.

15. Make sure to schedule a time to re-stock your travel pharmacy on the road.

16. Ziplock bags can solve a lot of problems so take several.

17. Understand and get certified in basic life saving first aid.

travel tips

18. Use large backpacks to travel that way you can never have to check in your bag. This will ensure you always have what you need when you need it.

travel tips

19. Don't take basic hygiene for granted ensure you have it planned for and have what you need to stay healthy.

20. When traveling in crowed unorganized cities try to memorize key locations or landmarks. These can be used to find your way later when needed.

21. Always look and find locals who have language skills that you can use to help gather information that is key to your trip. Young people know some English and older people could know other languages. People and questions are your best resource for information.

22. Don't assume your cellphone will work. Print out what you need ahead of time.

23. Carry old fashion maps.

travel tips

24. Get a cellphone app that can translate languages. Make sure it can work without wifi or cellphone service.

25. Buy digital offline mapping software for your mobile phone or other devices.

26. Consider GPS

27. You are only as good as your weakest link. So consider others in your travel party and ensure they stay healthy or you could pay the price later on. We hope you enjoyed these 25 Travel Tips That Can Save Your Life! Happy Travels, ExploreTraveler.com


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