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Scuba Diving For Adventure Travel

Scuba Diving In The Waters Of The Philippine Sea - A man swimming in the water - Free-diving
Scuba Diving for young and old.

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Scuba Diving – These days it seems as if the world is inside the upside-down world or an episode of black mirror. We have some state governments saying we can do this and then not that. Time limits for Walmart because it’s for the greater good. All of this attitude and government power grabs have made it difficult for those of us that want to travel. I have shown everyone who follows my writing and videos here what and where you can still go within the United States, and now I’m going to begin talking about scuba diving. All during this pandemic, I have been looking into the areas where I and others can still go scuba diving. To my surprise, I have not found anything holding us back other than maybe certifications.

Scuba Diving In The Waters Of The Philippine Sea - A group of people standing next to a body of water - Philippines
Diving in Warmer Waters.

What Can You See?

Scuba diving requires us to start with an open water diver, and there are several organizations you can choose from. Our family got our start in Taiwan where our two young sons one only being ten years old at the time began this movement to explore the underwater places. On land, we talk about cliffsides colors, and forests. But did you know that the same thing exists within our earth’s great oceans? We have seen scenes of sea forests and cliffsides teaming with life. We have enjoyed national protected areas of the Philippines that people can snorkel or scuba diving for short distances underwater. 

Snorkeling the Visayas
Snorkeling in the warm emerald waters of the Visayas in the Philippines

Within the United States, there is a massive amount of opportunities. We have oceans, rivers, and large lakes, and yes you can go underwater and get photographs and videos of amazing animals. People might say but it’s cold, and to that, there are many types of gear. You have dry suits and various types of gear that will allow you to see many different types of animal life even during winter. Even in Alaska you have people scuba diving and collecting samples or counting start fishes or maybe looking for food to harvest. So your options are wide and far. 

Cebu Philippines scuba diving
Underwater sea life you can see.

Underwater Sea Life

Now what other types of scuba diving can you do that allows you to explore or maybe study history. Well, how about exploring shipwrecks off the shore of the Pacific North West or maybe seeing the ships sunk at Pearl Harbor. As you continue to advance you can move into lakes, cave systems, and even diing the ice water of the far north. Your options are wide and your water conditions are even wider in the visibility of rough seas. 

Most people become hooked on seeing the wonderous amount of life along with a reef no matter where it is. Off the coast of Flordia you will see the tropical fish, and reefs, and up along the Alaska southeast coastline you can see sea otters, wild starfishes, crabs, octopuses, and very large fish, and whales. So wherever you decide to go within the United States there is plenty to see.

What Scuba Diving Certification Do You Need

Now it’s important to have the safety and ability to confidently do scuba diving. We got our start using the PADI Open Water Diving Certifications. Here is a basic list of diving certifications to consider, and each one opens up different dives, and locations. Some train you to dive around sunken ships, and some give you the ability to dive at deeper levels.

  • Open Water Diver.
  • Advanced Open Water Diver.
  • Rescue Diver.
  • Master Scuba Diver.
  • Wreck Diver.
  • Enriched Air Diver.
  • ACDE Commercial Diver.

Now, these certifications are just the tip of the iceberg because the more you expand your adventure the more certifications you will need. Your basic open water diving training can be done in one weekend, and this could be done in conjunction with something you are wanting to see, and explore. Make sure to follow one of the big training organizations such as PADI or others to ensure you are as safe as possible while scuba diving.

In conclusion it’s my goal to get you out and about on various types of adventures, and diving can be a great way to relax, explore, and bypass todays travel isues. Some planning, is neccessary, but once you take a longer term view of your adventure travel life, and vacation time off you can be ready for many new opportunities no mateer what the world throws at you.

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