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camping food reviewscamping food reviews
camping food reviews

Camping food and gear should not be complicated. It should be enjoyable but sometimes it is a difficult task for some people. People who don’t go on these adventure trips often could benefit from others who have experience. In this article, we are going to show simple gear like mini-stoves used for cooking food or hot water for the use of dehydrated food. I’m going to cover several brands of dehydrated food, and some other gear I find useful. We focus on the common sense use of products and the use of low-cost solutions.

I tested these meals and gear at the Bandelier National Monument while using the nearby campground. I think having real-world environments makes for better reviews, and I do enjoy making detailed content for you the reader. Moving forward I will do more reviews of dehydrated camping food by several vendors, and just post my honest opinions on the flavor, taste, spicy levels, and more. Please consider using the table of contents to jump to the area of interest. I have a video for each subject or meal I tested on this trip.

This article is updated with additional information each month, and I recommend that you came back here and review the new information. We also need to refer to prices, and price controls impacting how much we can buy. Portion sizes are now changing so please make sure to follow this via the package showing the weight of contents.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of dehydrated meal do I like the most?

That is a difficult answer and it depends on my mood. If I want basic American food then Mountain House is good. If I want to change things up I lean to Backpackers Pantry, and I want a more exotic meal I like Nomad Nutrition.

How easy is it to set this mini stove up?

Easy and in the video I was cooking water in under five minutes.

Is there a downside to using this stove?

It can be difficult to light when it’s windy. But once started it seems to just run.

Can I use different brands other than STERNO to heat the food on this stove?

Yes and I have used a few brands, and they seem to work equally as well.

Camping Mini Stove Setup

This simple stove from Sterno is very low cost and can be set up quickly. The Sterno cans ignite fast, and other brands can be used to reduce costs further. I have also used hand gel that contains alcohol within, and that does work in a pinch.

What you decide to use for the boiling of water can be an old canteen cup or if you want several items from places like Sportmans, Cabellas, and even Walmart’s lower-cost options. Keep in mind you just need a flat bottomed metal surface to bol water. The dehydrated meals range in cost from $5 – $12 per package. This can be reduced if you become a distributor of a particular brand and order in bulk.

Camping Food Setup Using Mini Stove

Using And Packing Camping Food Mini Stove

Camping food has several brands these days, and I cover Mountain House, Backpackers Pantry, and Nomad Nutrition. These three will make up the bulk of the reviews with others later on in the article. With the video and the additional information we provide you should be able to develop a great list of camping food ideas.

Chili-Mac For A Quick And Easy Camping Food

Some of the best camping food has a traditional feel to them and used to be made the old fashion way. Today we can get these in a dehydrated form that is light and easy to bring along on your hiking or camping trips. Chili-Mac is one of those old-time favorites and I review this easy camping food from Mountain House in the video above. I personally did like it but need to do a dual-brand comparison to determine the spicy level of the entre.

Mango Sticky Rice For A Delicious Easy Camping Food

Another great dehydrated meal comes from Backpackers pantry, and it’s called mango sticky rice. It has a coconut flavor along with a mango-sweetened rice dish. This could be used for dessert or just a great breakfast before a long hike. See the video above for my review. We found the flavor to be unique with a great Thai flavor, and it was surprising how good it was for dehydrated camping food. You can taste the coconut, mango, and cream, with standard white rice.

Dehydrated Ice Cream

Sometimes a light lower-calorie dessert does well for something quick. I recently did a taste test of the Mountain House ice cream bars. They carry vanilla, and mint and they are both pretty good.

Pad Thai With Chicken

This particular meal is very different and does help to break up the monotony with on a longer hike or camping deeper in the great outdoors.

Some Additional Camping Food Ideas

Don’t forget simple classics like hotdogs, and smores that can be cooked over an open fire. These days it’s not acceptable to use tree branches so make sure to pick up and simply extend the fork. They work well and can be low-cost if you look around. Walmart normally has the cheapest brand.

A Camping Food List For You to Consider

On some of our latest trips to White Sands National Monument, Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Bandelier National Monument, and the Petroglyph National Monument we used this stove and these particular meals. The videos were literally taken on the trips during the resting period of time, and before going to sleep for the night.

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